Staying connected at sea is a priority for any business

The Connected Fleet Department is responsible for operating and maintaining all aspects of the ship’s connectivity onboard computer systems, both hardware and software. The Connected Fleet staff has thorough knowledge of network operating systems management, configuration, techniques and topologies.

Canopus™ Connected Fleet

CanopusTM Connected Fleet services and solutions are designed to provide the tools and information fleet operators and manage their fleets on a daily basis and transform their operational efficiency.

CanopusTM Mail

CanopusTM MAIL is a cutting-edge email service which have been fully optimised for maritime satellite communications. It is a truly cost effective, stable, and intuitive email platform ensuring vessels are able to easily and securely communicate with the shore via any web enabled device.

CanopusTM Cybersecurity

The Canopus™Cybersecurity provides hardware/software compliance for IMO 428(98), Cyber Risk Management at Sea, which comes into effect January 2021. Canopus™Cybersecurity will give the office IT staff complete visibility of what software and hardware is running on each PC, and any potential cyber threats.

CanopusTM Protect

CanopusTM Protect optimised antivirus solution has been developed specifically to overcome the failure points within the maritime sector. Vessels are able to choose from receiving live, daily or weekly updates to allow them to manage their update requirements. In being able to choose their update preferences, vessels are able to manage their costs and use of airtime whilst keeping their systems up to date.

CanopusTM Crew

CanopusTM Crew is a highly scalable, low-cost solution. Crew members can easily connect their own wireless access points to extend the range of the device, such as their mobile phones – every wireless access point is compatible.

CanopusTM View

CanopusTM View provides situational awareness even in the most remote corners of the world. Optimized for visual Mission-Critical communications, providing a reliable and efficient tool for the maritime, exploration, power generation and tourism industries bringing visual information from offshore to decision makers.

CanopusTM IOT

CanopusTM IOT Optimizes data transfer, reduce down time and maximize productivity for shipowner ensuring reliable data transfer, replication with low or no intervention and visibility of network status across the fleet.


Simple, Secure and Reliable

Simple, Secure and Reliable

Our non-stop progression enables us to adapt to the market conditions at any given time and keep improving all aspects of our services to keep up with technology trends.

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